verb \ˈbid\

: to offer to pay (a particular amount of money) for something that is being sold : to make a bid at an auction

: to offer to do work for a particular price

: to say how many points you are trying to win in a card game

bade \ˈbad, ˈbād\ or bidbid·den \ˈbi-dən\ or bid also badebid·ding

Full Definition of BID

transitive verb
a obsolete :  beseech, entreat
b :  to issue an order to :  tell <did as I was bid>
c :  to request to come :  invite
:  to give expression to <bade a tearful farewell>
a :  offer —usually used in the phrase to bid defiance
b past and past part bid
(1) :  to offer (a price) whether for payment or acceptance (2) :  to make a bid of or in (a suit at cards)
intransitive verb
:  to make a bid
bid·der noun
bid fair
:  to seem likely <a movie that bids fair to become a big hit>

Examples of BID

  1. I'll bid $100 for the lamp but no higher.
  2. He plans to stop bidding if the bids go over $500.
  3. She bid for a desk and a chair.
  4. Several local companies are bidding for the same job.
  5. His company bid on the snow removal contract.
  6. He bid and I passed.
  7. We did as we were bid .

Origin of BID

partly from Middle English bidden, from Old English biddan; akin to Old High German bitten to entreat, and perhaps to Sanskrit bādhate he presses; partly from Middle English beden to offer, command, from Old English bēodan; akin to Old High German biotan to offer, Greek pynthanesthai to examine, Sanskrit bodhi enlightenment
First Known Use: before 12th century



: an offer to pay a particular amount of money for something

: an offer to do a job for a particular price

: an attempt to win, get, or do something

Full Definition of BID

a :  the act of one who bids
b :  a statement of what one will give or take for something; especially :  an offer of a price
c :  something offered as a bid
:  an opportunity to bid
a :  an announcement of what a cardplayer proposes to undertake
b :  the amount of such a bid
c :  a biddable bridge hand
:  an attempt or effort to win, achieve, or attract <a bid for reelection>

Examples of BID

  1. Bids for the painter's work have been quite high at recent auctions.
  2. She had the highest bid.
  3. He made a bid of $100 for the painting.
  4. He made the opening bid.
  5. The company is accepting bids for the renovation project.

First Known Use of BID


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Other Business Terms

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Definition of BID

twice a day

Origin of BID

Latin bis in die



Definition of BID

bachelor of industrial design

Other Education Terms

baccalaureate, colloquium, corequisite, dissertation, monograph, pedant, practicum, survey course, thesis


abbreviation    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of BID

twice a day—used in writing prescriptions

Origin of BID

Latin bis in die


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