verb \bi-ˈmyüz, bē-\

: to cause (someone) to be confused and often also somewhat amused

Full Definition of BEMUSE

transitive verb
:  to make confused :  puzzle, bewilder
:  to occupy the attention of :  distract, absorb
:  to cause to have feelings of wry or tolerant amusement <seems truly bemused that people beyond his circle in Seattle would be interested in his ruminations — Ruth B. Smith>
be·mus·ed·ly \-ˈmyü-zəd-lē\ adverb
be·muse·ment \-ˈmyüz-mənt\ noun

Examples of BEMUSE

  1. <a public that seemed more bemused by the shenanigans of celebrities than by a war being waged half a world away>
  2. <the stage mishap momentarily bemused the actress>

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