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verb be·lieve \bə-ˈlēv\

: to accept or regard (something) as true

: to accept the truth of what is said by (someone)

: to have (a specified opinion)


Full Definition of BELIEVE

intransitive verb
a :  to have a firm religious faith
b :  to accept something as true, genuine, or real <ideals we believe in> <believes in ghosts>
:  to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something <believe in exercise>
:  to hold an opinion :  think <I believe so>
transitive verb
a :  to consider to be true or honest <believe the reports> <you wouldn't believe how long it took>
b :  to accept the word or evidence of <I believe you> <couldn't believe my ears>
:  to hold as an opinion :  suppose <I believe it will rain soon>
be·liev·er noun
not believe
:  to be astounded at <I couldn't believe my luck>

Examples of BELIEVE

  1. The scientists believed the reports.
  2. Many people seem to believe that theory, but I find it hard to believe.
  3. You shouldn't believe everything you read.
  4. He says he'll help us, but I don't believe what he says.
  5. They were tricked into believing that he was a doctor.
  6. He says he'll help us, but I don't believe him.
  7. She went to church because her family expected it, but she didn't really believe.
  8. I have watched the many ways that teachers demonstrate pleasure in what students have said or done. I used to believe that teachers needed to present a stoic face for fear of losing control—as if smiling caused bad behavior. —Nancy Mack, English Journal, September 2008

Origin of BELIEVE

Middle English beleven, from Old English belēfan, from be- + lȳfan, lēfan to allow, believe; akin to Old High German gilouben to believe, Old English lēof dear — more at love
First Known Use: before 12th century
BELIEVED Defined for Kids


verb be·lieve \bə-ˈlēv\

Definition of BELIEVE for Kids

:  to have faith or confidence in the existence or worth of <I don't believe in ghosts.> <He believes in daily exercise.>
:  to accept as true <Don't believe everything you read.>
:  to accept the word of <They didn't believe me.>
:  to hold an opinion :  think <I believe I'll have more time later.>


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