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been around

Definition of been around

  1. 1 of a thing :  having existed or been available for a long time <I'm surprised you haven't read that book yet. It's been around for ages!>

  2. 2 of a person :  having had a lot of different experiences and knowing a lot about the world <You're a man of the world: I can tell you've been around.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. : past participle of be

  1. :  in a circle or in circumference

    :  in, along, or through a circuit

    :  on all or various sides :  in every or any direction

  1. :  on all sides of

    :  so as to encircle or enclose

    :  so as to avoid or get past :  on or to another side of

  1. :  about

    :  being in existence, evidence, or circulation

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of, relating to, or near a shore

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