noun \ˈbk sometimes ˈblk\

baseball : an occurrence in which a pitcher stops suddenly or makes an illegal movement after starting to throw a pitch

Full Definition of BALK

:  a ridge of land left unplowed as a dividing line or through carelessness
:  beam, rafter
a :  the space behind the balkline on a billiard table
b :  any of the outside divisions made by the balklines
:  failure of a player to complete a motion; especially :  an illegal motion of the pitcher in baseball while in position

Examples of BALK

  1. <the extravagant centerpiece proved to be a balk to the flow of conversation>

Origin of BALK

Middle English balke, from Old English balca; akin to Old High German balko beam, Latin fulcire to prop, Greek phalanx log, phalanx
First Known Use: before 12th century



: to suddenly show that you do not want to do something : to refuse to do what someone else wants you to do

of a horse, mule, etc. : to stop quickly and refuse to continue going

of an engine : to fail to work in the usual or expected way

Full Definition of BALK

transitive verb
archaic :  to pass over or by
:  to check or stop by or as if by an obstacle :  block
intransitive verb
:  to stop short and refuse to proceed
:  to refuse abruptly —used with at <Congress balked at putting up the money — Thomas Fleming>
:  to commit a balk in sports
balk·er noun

Examples of BALK

  1. The horse balked and would not jump the fence.
  2. The runner on third base tried to make the pitcher balk.

First Known Use of BALK

15th century

Rhymes with BALK


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