noun pha·lanx \ˈfā-ˌlaŋ(k)s, British usually ˈfa-\

: a large group of people, animals, or things often placed close together

plural pha·lanx·es or pha·lan·ges \fə-ˈlan-(ˌ)jēz, fā-, ˈfā-ˌ, British usually fa-\

Full Definition of PHALANX

:  a body of heavily armed infantry in ancient Greece formed in close deep ranks and files; broadly :  a body of troops in close array
plural phalanges :  one of the digital bones of the hand or foot of a vertebrate
plural usually phalanxes
a :  a massed arrangement of persons, animals, or things <a phalanx of armed guards>
b :  an organized body of persons <a phalanx of lawyers>

Examples of PHALANX

  1. A solid phalanx of armed guards stood in front of the castle.
  2. She had to go through a phalanx of television cameras.

Origin of PHALANX

Latin phalang-, phalanx, from Greek, battle line, digital bone, literally, log — more at balk
First Known Use: 1553

Other Military Terms

bivouac, logistics, petard, salient, sally, supernumerary, tactical

Rhymes with PHALANX


noun pha·lanx \ˈfā-ˌlaŋ(k)s, British usually ˈfal-ˌaŋ(k)s\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural pha·lan·ges \fə-ˈlan-(ˌ)jēz, fā-, ˈfā-ˌ, British usually fal-ˈan-\

Medical Definition of PHALANX

:  any of the digital bones of the hand or foot distal to the metacarpus or metatarsus of a vertebrate that in humans are three to each finger and toe with the exception of the thumb and big toe which have only two each

Illustration of PHALANX


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