adjective \ə-ˈthərst\

Definition of ATHIRST

archaic :  thirsty
:  having a strong eager desire <I that for ever feel athirst for glory — John Keats>

Examples of ATHIRST

  1. <was athirst for any news at all about family members serving in the war zone>

Origin of ATHIRST

Middle English, from Old English ofthyrst, past participle of ofthyrstan to suffer from thirst, from of off, from + thyrstan to thirst — more at of
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of ATHIRST

eager, avid, keen, anxious, athirst mean moved by a strong and urgent desire or interest. eager implies ardor and enthusiasm and sometimes impatience at delay or restraint <eager to get started>. avid adds to eager the implication of insatiability or greed <avid for new thrills>. keen suggests intensity of interest and quick responsiveness in action <keen on the latest fashions>. anxious emphasizes fear of frustration or failure or disappointment <anxious not to make a social blunder>. athirst stresses yearning but not necessarily readiness for action <athirst for adventure>.


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