verb \ə-ˈrīz\

: to begin to occur or to exist

: to begin at a source

: to get up from sleep or after lying down

arose \-ˈrōz\ aris·en \-ˈri-zən\ aris·ing \-ˈrī-ziŋ\

Full Definition of ARISE

intransitive verb
:  to get up :  rise
a :  to originate from a source
b :  to come into being or to attention
:  ascend

Examples of ARISE

  1. These problems arise when people try to avoid responsibility.
  2. Questions have arisen concerning the company's financial records.
  3. The sport arose in the 19th century.
  4. The opportunity arose for a new position to be created.
  5. A conflict arose because of a misunderstanding.
  6. Tumors arose in different areas of the skin.

Origin of ARISE

Middle English, from Old English ārīsan, from ā-, perfective prefix + rīsan to rise — more at abide
First Known Use: before 12th century

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