adjective ap·pli·ca·ble \ˈa-pli-kə-bəl also ə-ˈpli-kə-\

: able to be applied or used in a particular situation

Full Definition of APPLICABLE

:  capable of or suitable for being applied :  appropriate <statutes applicable to the case>
ap·pli·ca·bil·i·ty \ˌa-pli-kə-ˈbi-lə-tē also ə-ˌpli-kə-\ noun

Examples of APPLICABLE

  1. Businesses must comply with all applicable laws.
  2. <is that information applicable in this case?>

First Known Use of APPLICABLE


Synonym Discussion of APPLICABLE

relevant, germane, material, pertinent, apposite, applicable, apropos mean relating to or bearing upon the matter in hand. relevant implies a traceable, significant, logical connection <found material relevant to her case>. germane may additionally imply a fitness for or appropriateness to the situation or occasion <a point not germane to the discussion>. material implies so close a relationship that it cannot be dispensed with without serious alteration of the case <facts material to the investigation>. pertinent stresses a clear and decisive relevance <a pertinent observation>. apposite suggests a felicitous relevance <add an apposite quotation to the definition>. applicable suggests the fitness of bringing a general rule or principle to bear upon a particular case <the rule is not applicable in this case>. apropos suggests being both relevant and opportune <the quip was apropos>.
APPLICABLE Defined for Kids


adjective ap·pli·ca·ble \ˈa-pli-kə-bəl\

Definition of APPLICABLE for Kids

:  capable of being put to use or put into practice <the applicable law>


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