noun apo·gee \ˈa-pə-(ˌ)jē\

: the highest point of something

: the point in outer space where an object traveling around the Earth (such as a satellite or the moon) is farthest away from the Earth

Full Definition of APOGEE

:  the point in the orbit of an object (as a satellite) orbiting the earth that is at the greatest distance from the center of the earth; also :  the point farthest from a planet or a satellite (as the moon) reached by an object orbiting it — compare perigee
:  the farthest or highest point :  culmination <Aegean civilization reached its apogee in Crete>
apo·ge·an \ˌa-pə-ˈjē-ən\ adjective

Examples of APOGEE

  1. <shag carpeting reached the apogee of its popularity in the 1970s but is now considered outdated>

Illustration of APOGEE

Origin of APOGEE

French apogée, from New Latin apogaeum, from Greek apogaion, from neuter of apogeios, apogaios far from the earth, from apo- + gē, gaia earth
First Known Use: 1594

Other Astronomy Terms

gibbous, nadir, nebulous, penumbra, retrograde, sidereal, syzygy, wane, wax, zenith


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