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adjective an·te·ri·or \an-ˈtir-ē-ər\

: near or toward the front of something (such as the body)

Full Definition of ANTERIOR

a :  situated before or toward the front
b :  situated near or toward the head or part most nearly corresponding to a head
:  coming before in time or development
an·te·ri·or·ly adverb

Examples of ANTERIOR

  1. the anterior part of the brain
  2. <the anterior chamber of the eye is bounded in front by the cornea>

Origin of ANTERIOR

Latin, comparative of ante before — more at ante-
First Known Use: 1541

Related to ANTERIOR

Synonym Discussion of ANTERIOR

preceding, antecedent, foregoing, previous, prior, former, anterior mean being before. preceding usually implies being immediately before in time or in place <the preceding sentence>. antecedent applies to order in time and may suggest a causal relation <conditions antecedent to the revolution>. foregoing applies chiefly to statements <the foregoing remarks>. previous and prior imply existing or occurring earlier, but prior often adds an implication of greater importance <a child from a previous marriage> <a prior obligation>. former implies always a definite comparison or contrast with something that is latter <the former name of the company>. anterior applies to position before or ahead of usually in space, sometimes in time or order <the anterior lobe of the brain>.

Other Anatomy Terms

bilateral symmetry, carotid, cartilage, dorsal, entrails, prehensile, renal, solar plexus, supine, thoracic, ventral
Medical Dictionary


adjective an·te·ri·or \an-ˈtir-ē-ər\

Medical Definition of ANTERIOR

:  relating to or situated near or toward the head or toward the part in headless animals most nearly corresponding to the head
:  situated toward the front of the body :  ventral—used in human anatomy because of the upright posture of humans
an·te·ri·or·ly adverb


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