verb \ˈām\

: to point (a weapon) at a target

: to point (a device) at something

: to direct (something, such as a missile, a ball, a punch, or a kick) at a target

Full Definition of AIM

intransitive verb
:  to direct a course; specifically :  to point a weapon at an object
:  aspire, intend <she aims to win>
transitive verb
obsolete :  guess, conjecture
a :  point <aim a gun>
b :  to direct toward a specified object or goal <a story aimed at children>

Examples of AIM

  1. He aimed the gun carefully before shooting.
  2. Don't aim that pistol at me!
  3. He aimed carefully before shooting.
  4. Try to aim the antenna in the right direction.
  5. She aimed the telescope at a point in the eastern sky.
  6. She aimed at a point in the eastern sky.
  7. He aimed the stone at the dog but missed.
  8. The throw from the shortstop was poorly aimed.
  9. well-aimed and badly aimed kicks
  10. He aimed his criticism primarily at parents.

Origin of AIM

Middle English, from Anglo-French aesmer & esmer; Anglo-French aesmer, from a- (from Latin ad-) + esmer to estimate, from Latin aestimare
First Known Use: 14th century



: a goal or purpose

: the ability to hit a target

Full Definition of AIM

obsolete :  mark, target
a :  the pointing of a weapon at a mark <take careful aim>
b :  the ability to hit a target <a shooter with good aim>
c :  a weapon's accuracy or effectiveness <the gun's aim is off>
a :  conjecture, guess
b :  the directing of effort toward a goal
:  a clearly directed intent or purpose <our aim is to win>
aim·less \-ləs\ adjective
aim·less·ly adverb
aim·less·ness noun

Examples of AIM

  1. a political movement whose aim is to promote world peace
  2. Our ultimate aim is to create something of lasting value.
  3. The book has two basic aims.
  4. She was unable to achieve her aims.
  5. I started this business with the aim of making a profit.
  6. He fired at the target but his aim was off and he missed.

First Known Use of AIM

14th century



Definition of AIM

American Indian Movement


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