adjective \ˈnām-ləs\

: having a name that is not known or told

: not having a name

: not marked with a name

Full Definition of NAMELESS

:  not known by name :  anonymous
:  having no legal right to a name :  illegitimate
:  not having been given a name :  unnamed
:  not marked with a name <a nameless grave>
a :  incapable of precise description :  indefinable
b :  too repulsive or distressing to describe
name·less·ly adverb
name·less·ness noun

Examples of NAMELESS

  1. She left the hotel with a nameless man in a black jacket.
  2. The source for my story prefers to remain nameless.
  3. A top government official, who shall remain nameless, has expressed concern about the decision.
  4. The men were buried there in nameless graves.

First Known Use of NAMELESS

14th century

Rhymes with NAMELESS


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