adjective af·fect·ing \ə-ˈfek-tiŋ, a-\

: causing a feeling of sadness or sympathy

Full Definition of AFFECTING

:  evoking a strong emotional response
af·fect·ing·ly \-tiŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of AFFECTING

  1. He begins his book with an affecting description of his difficult childhood.
  2. <the affecting final scene in the play, when the children are reunited with their father>

First Known Use of AFFECTING


Synonym Discussion of AFFECTING

moving, impressive, poignant, affecting, touching, pathetic mean having the power to produce deep emotion. moving may apply to any strong emotional effect including thrilling, agitating, saddening, or calling forth pity or sympathy <a moving appeal for contributions>. impressive implies compelling attention, admiration, wonder, or conviction <an impressive list of achievements>. poignant applies to what keenly or sharply affects one's sensitivities <a poignant documentary on the homeless>. affecting is close to moving but most often suggests pathos <an affecting deathbed reunion>. touching implies arousing tenderness or compassion <the touching innocence in a child's eyes>. pathetic implies moving to pity or sometimes contempt <pathetic attempts to justify misconduct>.

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