noun \ˈās\

: a playing card with one large figure in its center that can be the card with either the highest or lowest value

: a person who is very skilled at something

: a point scored on a serve that an opponent fails to hit in tennis

Full Definition of ACE

a :  a die face marked with one spot
b :  a playing card marked in its center with one pip
c :  a domino end marked with one spot
:  a very small amount or degree :  particle
:  a point scored especially on a service (as in tennis or handball) that an opponent fails to touch
:  a golf score of one stroke on a hole; also :  a hole made in one stroke
:  a combat pilot who has brought down at least five enemy airplanes
a :  a person who excels at something <a computer ace>
b :  the best pitcher on a baseball team <the ace of the staff>
ace in the hole
:  an ace dealt face down to a player (as in stud poker) and not exposed until the showdown
:  an effective and decisive argument or resource held in reserve
within an ace of
:  on the point of :  very near to <came within an ace of winning>

Examples of ACE

  1. She won the match by scoring more than 30 aces.
  2. <took a few lessons with a tennis ace to improve his backhand>

Origin of ACE

Middle English as, from Anglo-French, from Latin, unit, a copper coin
First Known Use: 14th century



: to earn a very high grade on (an examination) : to get a grade of A on (an examination) : to perform very well on (a test or challenge)

: to score an ace against (an opponent in tennis)

: to score an ace on (a hole in golf)


Full Definition of ACE

transitive verb
:  to score an ace against (an opponent)
:  to make (a hole in golf) in one stroke
:  to gain a decisive advantage over :  defeat —usually used with out
a :  to earn a high grade on (as an examination); especially :  to get an A on
b :  to perform extremely well in <he aced every subject>

Examples of ACE

  1. She aced her entrance exams.
  2. He aced his annual physical.
  3. He aced his opponent on the last point of the match.

First Known Use of ACE




Definition of ACE

:  of first or high rank or quality <an ace mechanic>

First Known Use of ACE




Definition of ACE

American Council on Education

Other Education Terms

baccalaureate, colloquium, corequisite, dissertation, monograph, pedant, practicum, survey course, thesis


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