noun \ˈgr-(ˌ)ü, ˈgü-(ˌ)rü also gə-ˈrü\

: a religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism

: a teacher or guide that you trust

: a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject

plural gurus

Full Definition of GURU

:  a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism
a :  a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern
b :  one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent
c :  a person with knowledge or expertise :  expert

Examples of GURU

  1. He has been a guru to many young writers.
  2. She's a self-proclaimed financial guru.
  3. Fitness gurus call it the hottest new exercise trend of the year.

Origin of GURU

ultimately from Sanskrit guru, from guru, adjective, heavy, venerable — more at grieve
First Known Use: 1613

Other Religion (Eastern and Other) Terms

Zen, antinomian, avatar, gnosticism, illuminati, ineffable, karma, koan, mantra


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In Hinduism, a personal spiritual teacher. In ancient India, knowledge of the Vedas was transmitted through oral teaching from guru to pupil. The rise of the bhakti movement further increased the importance of gurus, who were often looked on as living embodiments of spiritual truth and were identified with the deity. They prescribed spiritual disciplines to their devotees, who followed their dictates in a tradition of willing service and obedience. Men or women may be gurus, though generally only men have established lineages. See also Guru.


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