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Synonyms and Antonyms of visionary

  1. 1 having or marked by a tendency to be guided more by ideals than by reality <a visionary plan for a manned flight to Mars even though there are pressing problems right here on earth> Synonyms idealist, quixotic, quixotical, romantic, starry, starry-eyed, utopian, idealisticRelated Words impractical, unrealistic; crusading, messianic, zealous; dewy-eyed, moonstruck, moony, sentimental, tender-minded; hopeful, optimistic, Pollyannaish (also Pollyannish), rosy, upbeat; doctrinaire, ideological (also ideologic)Near Antonyms hardheaded, hard-nosed, tough-minded, unsentimental; practical, pragmatic (also pragmatical), realisticAntonyms clear-eyed, clear-sighted

  2. 2 not real and existing only in the imagination <one of several Christian saints who claimed to have had visionary experiences of hell> Synonyms chimerical (also chimeric), fabulous, fanciful, fantasied, fantastic (also fantastical), fictional, fictitious, ideal, imaginal, imagined, invented, made-up, make-believe, mythical (or mythic), notional, phantasmal, phantasmic, phantom, pretend, unreal, visonaryRelated Words fabled, legendary, romantic; abstract, hypothetical, theoretical (also theoretic); unbelievable, unconvincing, unlikely; conceived, envisaged, envisioned, pictured, visualized; daydreamlike, deceptive, delusional, delusive, hallucinatory, illusory, phantasmagoric (or phantasmagorical); concocted, fabricated, feigned, fictive; inexistent, nonexistentNear Antonyms authentic, genuine, true; factual, verifiable, verified; believable, convincing, realistic; corporeal, material, physical, solid, substantial; palpable, tangibleAntonyms actual, existent, existing, real

  3. 3 having or showing awareness of and preparation for the future <in a visionary move, the developer bought large tracts of the waterfront just before property values skyrocketed> Synonyms farseeing, farsighted, forehanded, foreseeing, forethoughtful, forward, forward-looking, prescient, proactive, provident, foresightedRelated Words careful, cautious, heedful; discerning, insightful, perceptive, percipient, prudent, sagacious, sage, sapient, wiseNear Antonyms careless, heedless, incautiousAntonyms half-baked, half-cocked, improvident, myopic, shortsighted



Synonyms and Antonyms of visionary

  1. 1 one who predicts future events or developments <according to Greek myth, Cassandra was a visionary who was endowed with the gift of inerrant prophecy but fated to never be believed> Synonyms augur, diviner, forecaster, foreseer, foreteller, fortune-teller, futurist, prognosticator, prophesier, seer, soothsayer, prophetRelated Words prophetess, sibyl, wisewoman; mystic, oracle; astrologer, crystal gazer, palmist, rhabdomancer; Cassandra, doomsayer, doomsdayer, Jeremiah

  2. 2 one whose conduct is guided more by the image of perfection than by the real world <19th-century visionaries who founded short-lived communities in which everyone was supposed to live in perfect peace and harmony> Synonyms Don Quixote, dreamer, fantast, idealizer, ideologue (also idealogue), romantic, romanticist, utopian, idealistRelated Words emotionalist, sentimentalist; daydreamer, fantasizer, woolgatherer; Micawber, optimist, Pollyanna; do-gooder, reformer; perfectionist; doctrinaire, theorist, thinkerNear Antonyms cynic, defeatist, pessimist; empiric, empiricistAntonyms hardnose, pragmatist, realist

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