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Synonyms and Antonyms of representative

  1. 1 having or showing the qualities associated with the members of a particular group or kind <a representative example of what that talented chef can do with even simple ingredients> Synonyms archetypal (also archetypical), average, characteristic, normal, regular, typical, standard, trueRelated Words common, commonplace, conventional, customary, everyday, ordinary, usual, wonted, workaday; classic, textbook, vintage; expected, familiar, habitual, predictable, routine, unexceptional, unremarkable; predominant, preponderantNear Antonyms uncommon, unconventional, uncustomary, unusual, unwonted; distinctive, especial, exceptional, extraordinary, infrequent, noteworthy, rare, remarkable, singular, special, unexpected, unfamiliar, unique, unpredictable; eccentric, idiosyncratic, nonconformist, peculiar, unknown, unorthodox; curious, erratic, funky, funny, odd, oddball, offbeat, outlandish, quirky, screwy, strange, wacky (also whacky), way-out; bizarre, fantastic (also fantastical), far-out, freak, freakish, kooky (also kookie), out-of-the-way, outrageous, outré, rare, singular, unnatural, weird, wildAntonyms aberrant, abnormal, anomalous, atypical, deviant, irregular, nonrepresentative, nontypical, untypical

  2. 2 having the function or meaning of an object or figure that stands for something else <a red cross on this map is representative of a hospital or other medical facility> Synonyms emblematic (also emblematical), representational, symbolicRelated Words figural, figurative, metaphoric (or metaphorical), tropological; allegoricalNear Antonyms actual, literalAntonyms nonsymbolic



Synonyms and Antonyms of representative

  1. 1 a person who acts or does business for another <a representative from the car dealership called to ask how we were enjoying the new car> Synonyms assignee, attorney, commissary, delegate, deputy, envoy, factor, minister, procurator, proxy, rep, agentRelated Words ambassador, diplomat, diplomatist, emissary, foreign minister, legate, plenipotentiary; alternate, backup, pinch hitter, relief, replacement, stand-in, sub, substitute, surrogate, understudy; informer, operative, spy; broker, distributor, manager; arbiter, arbitrator, comprador (or compradore), conciliator, go-between, intercessor, intermediary, interposer, liaison, mediator, middleman, peacemaker; mouthpiece, point man, point person, prophet, speaker, spokesman, spokesperson

  2. 2 a person sent on a mission to represent another <I speak on this matter as a representative of the people of the U.S.> Synonyms agent, delegate, emissary, envoy, legate, minister, ambassadorRelated Words ambassadress; attaché, chargé d'affaires, consul, deputy, diplomat, foreign minister, nuncio, procurator, proxy; apostle, evangelist, missionary; deputation, detachment, legation; courier, messenger; mouthpiece, spokesperson

  3. 3 one of a group or collection that shows what the whole is like <this song is a fairly good representative of the other songs on the album> Synonyms case, exemplar, exemplification, illustration, instance, prototype, example, sample, specimenRelated Words archetype, classic, locus classicus, paradigm; cross section, microcosm; evidence, indication, manifestation, sign

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