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Synonyms and Antonyms of detachment

  1. 1 lack of favoritism toward one side or another <the judge showed commendable detachment when deciding the controversial case> Synonyms disinterest, disinterestedness, equity, evenhandedness, fair-mindedness, fairness, impartiality, justice, neutralism, neutrality, nonpartisanship, objectiveness, objectivity Related Words apathy, indifference, unconcern; broad-mindedness, open-mindedness, tolerance; fence-sitting, straddling Near Antonyms chauvinism, nepotism; subjectiveness, subjectivity; bent, inclination, leaning, penchant, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, propensity, tendency; preconception, prejudgment Antonyms bias, favor, favoritism, nonobjectivity, one-sidedness, partiality, partisanship, prejudice

  2. 2 a small military unit with a special task or function <the general sent a detachment ahead to scout the enemy's position> Synonyms detail Related Words commando, firing squad, outpost, paratroops, patrol, picket, rear guard, sentry, watch; battalion, command, company, corps, division, platoon, regiment, squad, squadron, troop, wing

  3. 3 the absence of emotional involvement <his detachment allowed him a clearer perspective on the child custody case> Synonyms coldness, cool, dispassion, dispassionatenessRelated Words equitability, equitableness, fairness; disinterest, disinterestedness, impartiality, nonpartisanship, objectivity, unbiasedness; balance, rationality, rationalness, reasonability, reasonableness; calm, calmness, peace, peacefulness, placidity, quiet, quietness, quietude, repose, restfulness, sereneness, serenity, tranquillity (or tranquility), tranquilness; reserve, undemonstrativeness, unresponsiveness; apathy, indifferenceNear Antonyms emotionalism; bias, favor, one-sidedness, partiality, partisanship, prejudice

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