noun \di-ˈtach-mənt, dē-\

: lack of emotion or of personal interest

: the act or process of separating something from a larger thing

: a condition in which something has become separated from something else

Full Definition of DETACHMENT

:  the action or process of detaching :  separation
a :  the dispatch of a body of troops or part of a fleet from the main body for a special mission or service
b :  the part so dispatched
c :  a permanently organized separate unit usually smaller than a platoon and of special composition
a :  indifference to worldly concerns :  aloofness
b :  freedom from bias or prejudice

Examples of DETACHMENT

  1. I wish the article had approached the issue with a bit more detachment.
  2. The form is perforated to make detachment of the bottom section easier.
  3. A detachment of soldiers was called to assist the police.

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