Synonyms and Antonyms of MARRY

to perform the ceremony of marriage for <they chose a priest who was a family friend to marry them>
Synonyms wed
Related Words match, mate; conjoin, connect, unite; affiance
to give in marriage <the couple worried about the cost of marrying off five daughters>
Synonyms espouse, match, wed
to take as a spouse <he married his girlfriend three years ago, and they've been happy ever since>
Synonyms espouse, wed
Near Antonyms separate (from)
Antonyms divorce
to take a spouse <she had always believed she would never marry, but fate proved her wrong>
Synonyms wed
Related Words couple, mate; pair off, remarry
Phrases tie the knot
Near Antonyms divorce, separate


July 01, 2015
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not certain, secure, or steady
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