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Synonyms and Antonyms of letdown

  1. 1 the emotion felt when one's expectations are not met <the museum exhibit was just so-so, and we returned home with a vague sense of letdown> Synonyms dismay, dissatisfaction, frustration, disappointmentRelated Words crestfallenness, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, disgruntlement, displeasure; disenchantment, disillusionment; blues, dejectedness, dejection, depression, desolateness, desolation, despondency, disconsolateness, distress, doldrums, dolefulness, dolor, downheartedness, dreariness, dumps, gloom, gloominess, joylessness, melancholy, mopes, oppression, sadness, sorrow, unhappiness; chagrin, discomfitureNear Antonyms fulfillment (or fulfilment); bliss, felicity, gladness, happiness, joyAntonyms content, contentedness, contentment, gratification, satisfaction

  2. 2 something that disappoints <the eagerly anticipated new movie starring our favorite actor turned out to be a big letdown> Synonyms bringdown, bummer, disappointmentRelated Words anticlimax, failure, fiasco, fizzle; lemon, loserNear Antonyms success, winner; relief

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looking or feeling very sad

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