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Synonyms and Antonyms of hall

  1. 1 the entrance room of a building <the dinner guests hung their coats in the hall> Synonyms entranceway, entry, entryway, foyer, hallway, lobby, vestibule Related Words antechamber, anteroom, lounge, waiting room; door, doorway, entrance, portal, threshold

  2. 2 a typically long narrow way connecting parts of a building <the bedroom is at the end of the hall> Synonyms concourse, corridor, gallery, hallway, passage, passageway Related Words arcade, breezeway, cloister, loggia, piazza

  3. 3 a large room or building for enclosed public gatherings <the concert hall was full> Synonyms amphitheater, arena, auditorium, garden, theater (or theatre) Related Words arena theater, music hall, odeum, playhouse, theater-in-the-round; ballroom; lyceum; chamber, house, senate; cafetorium

  4. 4 a centrally located room in a building that serves as a gathering or waiting area or as a passageway into the interior <from the main hall of the museum, turn left to see the ancient pottery collection and turn right to see the mummies> Synonyms foyer, lobbyRelated Words entranceway, entry, entryway, hallway, vestibule; concourse, corridor, gallery, passageway; antechamber, anteroom, chamber, waiting room

  5. 5 a large impressive residence <Lord Plentiworth has opened his family's hereditary home, Richley Hall, to visitors on Tuesdays> Synonyms castle, château, estate, hacienda, mansion, manor, manor house, manse, palace, villaRelated Words showplace; abode, domicile, dwelling, habitation, hearth, home, house, lodging(s), pad, place; housing, nest, quarter(s), residency, roof; great house; country house, countryseat; aerie, penthouse; salon, suite, town house

  6. 6 a large, magnificent, or massive building <on your right, you will see Parliament Hall, a splendid example of Georgian architecture> Synonyms cathedral, edifice, palace, towerRelated Words construction, erection, structure; castle, château, countryseat, estate, hacienda, manor, manor house, mansion, showplace, villa; mausoleum, memorial, monument

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