Synonyms and Antonyms of HAIRY

covered with or as if with hair <a hairy spider>
Related Words bearded, bewhiskered, mustachioed (also moustachioed), whiskered; stubbled, stubbly; downy, fluffy, fuzzy, linty, nappy
Near Antonyms beardless, shaved, shaven
made of or resembling hair <found enough hairy clumps around the house to make another cat> <a hairy mass of fiberglass insulation>
Synonyms furry, fuzzy, rough, shaggy, woolly (also wooly)
Related Words downy, fluffy, nappy, puffy; hairlike
requiring exceptional skill or caution in performance or handling <landing on that airstrip is always a hairy proposition>
marked by or causing agitation or uncomfortable feelings <the snowstorm made for a hairy commute back home that evening>
Near Antonyms restful; pacific

April 19, 2015
desiccate Hear it
to dry up or become dried up
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