get down

get down


Definition of GET DOWN

to come down from something (as a vehicle) <I was getting down from the seaplane when a gust of wind swept away my hat>
Related Words deplane, detrain
Near Antonyms board, climb (aboard), get in, mount; enplane (also emplane), entrain
Antonyms embark
to take into the stomach through the mouth and throat <with her sore throat, liquids are the only thing she can get down>
Synonyms down, get down, ingest
Related Words drink, guzzle, imbibe, knock back, sip; bolt, devour, gobble (up or down), gulp, ingurgitate; consume, eat, mouth (down), put away, sup; gorge, scarf, scoff, wolf; chew, gnaw (at or on), lap, lick, munch, nibble (on), peck (at), ruminate; dispatch, finish, polish off

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