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Synonyms and Antonyms of feast

  1. 1 a large fancy meal often accompanied by ceremony or entertainment <some 90 Native Americans showed up for the feast put on by the Pilgrims at Plymouth> Synonyms banquet, dinner, feed, regale, spread Related Words chow, mess, repast, table; blowout, carnival, festival, fete (or fête), gala, party, shindig; festivity; barbecue, clambake, cookout, fry, luau, roast; buffet, luncheon, smorgasbord

  2. 2 a source of great satisfaction <the colorful Mardi Gras parade is a feast for the senses> Synonyms delectation, delight, gas [slang], joy, kick, manna, pleasure, treatRelated Words amusement, diversion, entertainment, fun, recreation; comfort, relief, solace; gratification, indulgence; ambrosia

  3. 3 an amount or supply more than sufficient to meet one's needs <on the Internet there's a feast of information about this medical condition> Synonyms abundance, cornucopia, plenty, plenitude, plentitude, plethora, superabundance, wealthRelated Words adequacy, competence, competency, sufficiency; ampleness, amplitude, liberality; excess, overdose, overflow, overkill, oversupply, redundancy, superfluity, superfluousness, surfeit, surplus; copiousness, fecundity, fertility, fruitfulness, opulence, richness; lavishness, luxurianceNear Antonyms paucity, poverty, scarcity; barrenness, infertility, sterilityAntonyms deficiency, inadequacy, insufficiency, undersupply



Synonyms and Antonyms of feast

  1. 1 to entertain with a fancy meal <the returning war heroes were feasted all over the country> Synonyms banquet, dine, junket, regale Related Words board, cater, feed, provision; fete (or fête), honor, recognize

  2. 2 to give satisfaction to <feast your eyes on all the fresh flowers at the farmers' market> Synonyms agree (with), content, delight, please, gas [slang], glad [archaic], gladden, gratify, pleasure, rejoice, satisfy, suit, warmRelated Words appease, mollify, pacify, placate, soothe; assuage, quench, sate, satiate; excite, tickle, titillate; amuse, divert, entertain, treat; captivate, charm; galvanize, thrill; calm, comfort; cater (to), humor, indulge; coddle, mollycoddle, pamper, spoilNear Antonyms aggravate, annoy, bother, bug, chafe, cross, exasperate, gall, get, grate, irk, irritate, nettle, peeve, perturb, pique, put out, ruffle, vex; anger, enrage, incense, inflame (also enflame), infuriate, madden, outrage, rankle, rile, roil, steam up; provoke, rouse; agitate, distress, disturb, fret, upset; harass, harry, pester; affront, insult, offendAntonyms displease

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