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Synonyms and Antonyms of convenience

  1. 1 something that adds to one's ease of living <a house with all the modern conveniences that buyers have come to expect> Synonyms accommodation, amenity, comfort, creature comfort, luxury, mod con [chiefly British], nicetyRelated Words bonus, extra; benefit, help, service; anodyne, solace; delight, indulgence, joy, pleasureAntonyms burden, millstone, weight

  2. 2 chiefly British  a room furnished with a fixture for flushing body waste <it can be hard to find a public convenience in an unfamiliar train station> Synonyms bath, bathroom, bog [British], can, cloakroom [British], comfort station, toilet [chiefly British], head, john, latrine, lavatory, loo [chiefly British], potty, restroom, washroom, water closetRelated Words commode, pan [British], pot; garderobe, jakes, outhouse, privy; half bath, powder room; ladies [chiefly British], ladies' room, men's room

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