noun toi·let \ˈti-lət\

: a large bowl attached to a pipe that is used for getting rid of bodily waste and then flushed with water

: the act or process of washing and dressing yourself

Full Definition of TOILET

archaic :  dressing table
:  the act or process of dressing and grooming oneself
a (1) :  bathroom, lavatory 2 (2) :  privy
b :  a fixture that consists usually of a water-flushed bowl and seat and is used for defecation and urination
:  cleansing in preparation for or in association with a medical or surgical procedure <pulmonary toilet>

Examples of TOILET

  1. One of the kids needed to use the toilet.
  2. a painting of a woman at her toilet

Origin of TOILET

French toilette cloth on which items used for grooming are placed, from Middle French, piece of batiste, from diminutive of toile cloth
First Known Use: 1667

Related to TOILET

bath, bathroom, bog [British], can, cloakroom [British], comfort station, convenience [chiefly British], head, john, latrine, lavatory, loo [chiefly British], potty, restroom, washroom, water closet

Other Architecture Terms

buttress, casita, cornice, fanlight, garret, lintel, parapet, pilaster, plinth



Definition of TOILET

intransitive verb
:  to dress and groom oneself
:  to use the toilet —usually used of a child
transitive verb
:  dress, garb
:  to help (as a child or sick person) use the toilet

Examples of TOILET

  1. <the princess required at least a dozen maids to toilet her for formal occasions>

First Known Use of TOILET



noun toi·let \ˈti-lət\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of TOILET

:  cleansing in preparation for or in association with a medical or surgical procedure <a pharyngeal toilet>
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