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Synonyms and Antonyms of burial

  1. 1 the act or ceremony of putting a dead body in its final resting place <the children wanted to give the dead bird a proper burial in the backyard> Synonyms burying, entombing, entombment, inhumation, interment, interring, obsequy (usually obsequies), sepulture Related Words embalmment, funeral; immurement, inurnment; reburial, reinterment Near Antonyms cremation Antonyms disinterment, exhumation, unearthing

  2. 2 a final resting place for a dead person <archaeologically significant artifacts, such as stone tools, have been discovered in Neanderthal burials> Synonyms grave, sepulchre (or sepulcher), sepulture, tombRelated Words catacomb, charnel (also charnel house), columbarium, crypt, mausoleum, vault; cemetery, churchyard, graveyard, potter's field; barrow, mound, tumulus

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