noun, buri·al often attributive \ˈber-ē-əl, ˈbe-rē- also ˈbər-\

: the act or ceremony of burying a dead person in a grave

: the act of burying something in the ground

Full Definition of BURIAL

:  grave, tomb
:  the act or process of burying

Examples of BURIAL

  1. They prepared the body for burial.
  2. She wanted to give him a proper burial.
  3. Did you attend the burial?
  4. The law prohibits the burial of toxic substances without special permits.

Origin of BURIAL

Middle English beriel, berial, back-formation from beriels (taken as a plural), from Old English byrgels; akin to Old Saxon burgisli tomb, Old English byrgan to bury — more at bury
First Known Use: 13th century

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BURIAL Defined for Kids


noun buri·al \ˈber-ē-əl\

Definition of BURIAL for Kids

:  the act of placing a dead body in a grave or tomb
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