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Synonyms and Antonyms of appropriation

  1. 1 a sum of money allotted for a specific use by official or formal action <the National Park Service received an increased appropriation for wildlife management> Synonyms allocation, allotment, annuity, entitlement, grant, subsidy, subvention Related Words aid, assistance, block grant, grant-in-aid, set-aside; foreign aid, relief, state aid; advance, allowance, benefit, bequest, endowment, fund, legacy, stipend, trust, trust fund

  2. 2 the unlawful taking or withholding of something from the rightful owner under a guise of authority <the insurgents' appropriation of the house for their headquarters> Synonyms arrogation, commandeering, detainer, expropriation, preemption, seizure, takeover, usurpation Related Words annexation, assumption, attachment, confiscation, grab, impoundment, repossession, sequestration; defalcation, embezzlement, misapplication, misappropriation, misuse, peculation, theft; despoilment, looting, pillaging; encroachment, infringement, piracy; invasion, occupancy, occupation, preoccupancy, trespass; deforcement, disfurnishment, dispossession, ejection, stripping

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a block used as a base for a statue

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