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play play
noun tor·u·la \ˈtȯr-yə-lə, ˈtär-\

Medical Definition of torula

  1. 1plural torulae \-ˌlē, -ˌlī\play play also torulas a:  any of various yeasts or fungi resembling yeasts that lack sexual spores, do not produce alcoholic fermentations, and are typically acid formersb:  cryptococcosis

  2. 2 capitalized a:  a genus of usually dark colored chiefly saprophytic imperfect fungi (family Dematiaceae)bin some classifications :  a genus of yeasts including pathogens (as T. histolytica synonym Cryptococcus neoformans that causes cryptococcosis) usually placed in the genus Cryptococcus

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a division or portion of a pool or whole

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