noun \ˈhü-lə\

: a Hawaiian dance that has flowing hand and hip movements

Full Definition of HULA

:  a sinuous Polynesian dance characterized by rhythmic movement of the hips and mimetic gestures with the hands and often accompanied by chants and rhythmic drumming

Variants of HULA

hu·la also hu·la–hu·la \ˌhü-lə-ˈhü-lə\

Origin of HULA

First Known Use: 1825

Rhymes with HULA


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Sinuous Polynesian dance that combines undulating movement of the hips and mimetic hand gestures, often performed to chants and instruments such as the ukulele. Originally a religious dance performed to praise the chiefs, the hula now tells a story or describe a place and are danced exclusively by women. The typical costume is a raffia skirt and a lei worn around the neck.


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