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adj pos·i·tive \ˈpäz-ət-iv, ˈpäz-tiv\

Medical Definition of POSITIVE

:  directed or moving toward a source of stimulation <a positive taxis>
:  having rendition of light and shade similar in tone to the tones of the original <a positive photographic image>
a (1) :  being, relating to, or charged with electricity of which the proton is the elementary unit and which predominates in a glass body after being rubbed with silk (2) :  having more protons than electrons <a positive ion> b (1) :  having higher electrical potential and constituting the part from which the current flows to the external circuit <the positive terminal of a discharging storage battery> (2) :  being an electron-collecting electrode of an electron tube
a :  marked by or indicating acceptance, approval, or affirmation b :  affirming the presence of that sought or suspected to be present <a positive test for blood>
of a lens :  converging light rays and forming a real inverted image
pos·i·tive·ly \-lē, for emphasis often ˌpäz-ə-ˈtiv-\ adverb
pos·i·tive·ness \ˈpäz-ət-iv-nəs, ˈpäz-tiv-\ noun
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