Cowper's gland

Cow·per's gland

\ˌka-pərz-, ˌkü-pərz-, ˌkp-ərz-\

Definition of COWPER'S GLAND

: either of two small glands of which one lies on each side of the male urethra below the prostate gland and discharges a secretion into the semen—called also bulbourethral gland, gland of Cowper; compare bartholin's gland

Biographical Note for COWPER'S GLAND

Cow·per \ˈka-pər, ˈkü-pər, ˈkp-ər\ , William (1666–1709), British anatomist. In 1702 Cowper described the bulbourethral glands. The glands had been described previously, in 1684 by the French surgeon Jean Méry, but Cowper's description was so excellent that ever since they have been more commonly known as Cowper's glands.

Illustration of COWPER'S GLAND

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