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attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


Medical Definition of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  1. :  attention deficit disorder <Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the most common pediatric psychiatric condition, estimated to affect 2 percent to 9 percent of American children, mostly boys.—Susan Gilbert, The New York Times, 16 Sept. 1997> <… the drug that has come to symbolize our particular predicaments is Ritalin, the widely prescribed treatment for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or attention-deficit disorder, as it is more popularly known.—Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker, 15 Feb. 1999> <Discoveries in neuroscience are reinforcing a growing consensus that attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as it is officially known, is not just a set of behavior problems but a biologically based disorder of brain function.—Harvard Mental Health Letter, February 2006>—abbreviation ADHD

Variants of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


attention–deficit hyperactivity disorder


attention–deficit/hyperactivity disorder

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