noun \ri-ˈkr-dər\

: a device that records sounds or images or both so that they can be heard or seen again

: a musical instrument that is shaped like a tube with holes and that is played by blowing into the top of the tube

: a judge in some courts of law

Full Definition of RECORDER

a :  the chief judicial magistrate of some British cities and boroughs
b :  a municipal judge with criminal jurisdiction of first instance and sometimes limited civil jurisdiction
:  one that records
:  any of a group of wind instruments ranging from soprano to bass that are characterized by a conical tube, a whistle mouthpiece, and eight finger holes

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First Known Use of RECORDER

15th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In music, a cylindrical, usually wooden, wind instrument with fingerholes. As a fipple (duct) flute, its rather soft tones are produced by air blown against the sharp edge of an opening in the tube. The large recorder family includes instruments ranging from the sopranino to the contrabass. The recorder emerged in the 14th century and was widely used in ensembles and orchestras in the late Renaissance and throughout the Baroque era. Displaced by the transverse flute after the mid-18th century, it was revived in the 20th century.


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