noun \ˈzig-ˌzag\

: a line that has a series of short, sharp turns or angles

Full Definition of ZIGZAG

:  one of a series of short sharp turns, angles, or alterations in a course; also :  something having the form or character of such a series <a blouse with green zigzags> <endured the zigzags of policy — Richard Bernstein>
zig·zag·gy \-ˌza-gē\ adjective

Examples of ZIGZAG

  1. The kids were running in circles and zigzags around the yard.
  2. He's wearing a shirt with red zigzags on it.

Origin of ZIGZAG

First Known Use: 1712



Definition of ZIGZAG

:  in or by a zigzag path or course

First Known Use of ZIGZAG

circa 1730



Definition of ZIGZAG

:  having short sharp turns or angles <a zigzag trail>

First Known Use of ZIGZAG




: to move along a path that has a series of short, sharp turns or angles


Full Definition of ZIGZAG

transitive verb
:  to form into a zigzag or move along a zigzag course
intransitive verb
:  to lie in, proceed along, or consist of a zigzag course

Examples of ZIGZAG

  1. We saw a motorcycle zigzagging on the highway.
  2. The player with the ball zigzagged back and forth down the field.
  3. A dirt road zigzags up the steep hill to our cabin.

First Known Use of ZIGZAG


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