noun \ˈyō-mən\

: an officer in the U.S. Navy who works as a clerk

: a farmer in the past who owned a small amount of land

Full Definition of YEOMAN

a :  an attendant or officer in a royal or noble household
b :  a person attending or assisting another :  retainer
c :  yeoman of the guard
d :  a naval petty officer who performs clerical duties
a :  a person who owns and cultivates a small farm; specifically :  one belonging to a class of English freeholders below the gentry
b :  a person of the social rank of yeoman
:  one that performs great and loyal service <did a yeoman's job in seeing the program through>

Origin of YEOMAN

Middle English yoman, yeman
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Foreign Functionary Terms

count, despot, emir, wardrobe

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