verb \ˈyn, ˈyän\

: to open your mouth wide while taking in breath usually because you are tired or bored

of an opening, hole, etc. : to be deep, large, etc.

Full Definition of YAWN

intransitive verb
:  to open wide :  gape
:  to open the mouth wide and take a deep breath usually as an involuntary reaction to fatigue or boredom
transitive verb
:  to utter with a yawn
:  to accomplish with or impel by yawns <his grandchildren yawned him to bed — L. L. King>

Examples of YAWN

  1. Students were yawning in class.

Origin of YAWN

Middle English yenen, yanen, from Old English ginian; akin to Old High German ginēn to yawn, Latin hiare, Greek chainein
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with YAWN



: an act of opening your mouth wide while taking in breath : an act of yawning

: something that is very boring

Full Definition of YAWN

:  gap, cavity
:  an opening of the mouth wide while taking a deep breath often as an involuntary reaction to fatigue or boredom; also :  a reaction resembling a yawn <a … success at the box office but drew only yawns from critics — Current Biography>
:  5bore <this book is kind of a yawn — Ilene L. Cooper>

Examples of YAWN

  1. I tried to stifle a yawn.
  2. <as neither candidate was willing to make an unequivocal statement about anything, the debate proved to be a complete yawn>

First Known Use of YAWN


Related to YAWN

bore, drip, droner, dullsville, nudnik (also nudnick), snooze, snoozer, drag, yawner


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