noun \ˈzī-lə-ˌfōn also ˈzi-\

: a musical instrument that has a set of wooden bars of different lengths that are hit with hammers

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:  a percussion instrument consisting of a series of wooden bars graduated in length to produce the musical scale, supported on belts of straw or felt, and sounded by striking with two small wooden hammers
xy·lo·phon·ist \-ˌfō-nist\ noun

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

African log amadinda xylophone; property of the Uganda Museum, Kampala—Hillegeist/Kubik

Percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned wooden bars that are struck with mallets. Primitive xylophones may consist of logs of graded length laid across two supporting logs; a pit may be dug underneath to serve as a resonator. The xylophone has long been one of the principal instruments of African music; it is also important in the Indonesian gamelan. The marimba is a Latin American xylophone. In the modern orchestral xylophone, the bars are laid out on a stand in keyboard arrangement, with vertical resonating tubes suspended under each bar. See also glockenspiel; vibraphone.


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