verb \ˈzir-ˌäks, ˈzē-ˌräks\

: to copy (something, such as a document) by using a special machine (called a copier)

Full Definition of XEROX

transitive verb
:  to copy on a xerographic copier
:  to make (a copy) on a xerographic copier

Examples of XEROX

  1. I'll xerox these forms for you.
  2. I'll be xeroxing in the library.

Origin of XEROX

from Xerox
First Known Use: 1965


trademark \ˈzir-ˌäks, ˈzē-ˌräks\

—used for a machine that makes paper copies of printed pages, pictures, etc.

Full Definition of XEROX

—used for a xerographic copier


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