verb \ˈrest\

: to pull (something) away from someone by using violent twisting movements

: to take (something) from someone with much effort

Full Definition of WREST

transitive verb
:  to pull, force, or move by violent wringing or twisting movements
:  to gain with difficulty by or as if by force, violence, or determined labor

Examples of WREST

  1. He tried to wrest control of the company from his uncle.
  2. <the boy wrested the book out of his sister's hands>

Origin of WREST

Middle English wrasten, wresten, from Old English wrǣstan; akin to Old Norse reista to bend and probably to Old English wrigian to turn — more at wry
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of WREST

:  the action of wresting :  wrench
archaic :  a key or wrench used for turning pins in a stringed instrument (as a piano)

First Known Use of WREST

14th century


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