adjective \ˈw-lē\

: covered with wool

: made of wool or resembling wool

: confused and unclear


Full Definition of WOOLLY

a :  resembling wool
b :  of, relating to, or bearing wool
a :  lacking in clearness or sharpness of outline <a woolly TV picture>
b :  marked by mental confusion <woolly thinking>
:  marked by boisterous roughness or lack of order or restraint <where the West is still woolly — Paul Schubert> —used especially in the phrase wild and woolly
wool·li·ly \-lə-lē\ adverb
wool·li·ness noun

Variants of WOOLLY

wool·ly also wooly \ˈw-lē\

Examples of WOOLLY

  1. <the dog's woolly coat will require a lot of grooming>
  2. <still had a water bed and a woolly coverlet on top of it>

First Known Use of WOOLLY

15th century

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noun \ˈw-lē\

: a warm piece of clothing (such as a sweater) made of knitted wool

plural wool·lies also wool·ies

Full Definition of WOOLLY

:  a garment made from wool; especially :  underclothing of knitted wool —usually used in plural
West & Australian :  sheep

Variants of WOOLLY

wool·ly also wooly or wool·ie \ˈw-lē\

Examples of WOOLLY

  1. Get out your winter woollies.

First Known Use of WOOLLY

circa 1865


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