noun \ˈven-jən(t)s\

: the act of doing something to hurt someone because that person did something that hurt you or someone else

Full Definition of VENGEANCE

:  punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense :  retribution
with a vengeance
:  with great force or vehemence <undertook reform with a vengeance>
:  to an extreme or excessive degree <the tourists are back—with a vengeance>

Examples of VENGEANCE

  1. The fire was set as an act of vengeance.
  2. Angry protesters wanted to inflict vengeance on the killer.
  3. He thought briefly of the long-dead woman bound to this stone in 1654 and burnt alive as a witch. And for what? An over-sharp tongue, delusions, mental eccentricity, to satisfy a private vengeance, the need for a scapegoat in times of sickness or the failure of a harvest, or perhaps as a sacrifice to propitiate a malignant unnamed god? —P. D. James, The Private Patient, 2008


Middle English, from Anglo-French, from venger to avenge, from Latin vindicare to lay claim to, avenge — more at vindicate
First Known Use: 14th century


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