noun wise·crack \ˈwīz-ˌkrak\

: a funny and smart comment or joke

Full Definition of WISECRACK

:  a clever or sarcastic remark

Examples of WISECRACK

  1. Someone in the theater was making wisecracks during the entire movie.
  2. <a whispered wisecrack doubled them over in laughter>

First Known Use of WISECRACK


Rhymes with WISECRACK

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Definition of WISECRACK

intransitive verb
:  to make a wisecrack
wise·crack·er noun

Examples of WISECRACK

  1. <wisecracked to hide his nervousness during the auditions>

First Known Use of WISECRACK


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WISECRACK Defined for Kids


noun wise·crack \ˈwīz-ˌkrak\

Definition of WISECRACK for Kids

:  a clever and often insulting statement usually made in joking


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