noun \ˈjōk\

: something said or done to cause laughter

: a brief story with a surprising and funny ending

: someone or something that is not worth taking seriously

Full Definition of JOKE

a :  something said or done to provoke laughter; especially :  a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist
b (1) :  the humorous or ridiculous element in something
(2) :  an instance of jesting :  kidding <can't take a joke>
c :  practical joke
d :  laughingstock
:  something not to be taken seriously :  a trifling matter <consider his skiing a joke — Harold Callender> —often used in negative constructions <it is no joke to be lost in the desert>

Examples of JOKE

  1. She meant it as a joke, but many people took her seriously.
  2. They played a harmless joke on him.
  3. They are always making jokes about his car.
  4. I heard a funny joke yesterday.
  5. the punch line of a joke
  6. I didn't get the joke.
  7. That exam was a joke.
  8. Their product became a joke in the industry.
  9. He's in danger of becoming a national joke.

Origin of JOKE

Latin jocus; perhaps akin to Old High German gehan to say, Sanskrit yācati he asks
First Known Use: 1670



: to say things that are meant to cause laughter : to make jokes about someone or something


Full Definition of JOKE

intransitive verb
:  to make jokes :  jest
transitive verb
:  to make the object of a joke :  kid
jok·ing·ly \ˈjō-kiŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of JOKE

  1. My friends would joke about the uniform I had to wear at work.
  2. She joked about the possibility of losing her job.
  3. I thought he was joking when he said he might quit, but it turned out that he really meant it.
  4. Don't take it seriously: I was only joking.
  5. She spent a few minutes joking with reporters after giving her speech.
  6. She joked that she could always get work as a truck driver if she lost her job.

First Known Use of JOKE


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