verb \ˈwin(t)s\

: to have an expression on your face for a very short time which shows that you are embarrassed or in pain


Full Definition of WINCE

intransitive verb
:  to shrink back involuntarily (as from pain) :  flinch
wince noun

Examples of WINCE

  1. <winced at the movie's graphic depiction of combat injuries>

Origin of WINCE

Middle English wynsen to kick out, start, from Anglo-French *wincer, *guincer to shift direction, dodge, by-form of guenchir, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German wenken, wankōn to totter — more at wench
First Known Use: circa 1748

Synonym Discussion of WINCE

recoil, shrink, flinch, wince, blench, quail mean to draw back in fear or distaste. recoil implies a start or movement away through shock, fear, or disgust <recoiled at the suggestion of stealing>. shrink suggests an instinctive recoil through sensitiveness, scrupulousness, or cowardice <shrank from the unpleasant truth>. flinch implies a failure to endure pain or face something dangerous or frightening with resolution <faced her accusers without flinching>. wince suggests a slight involuntary physical reaction (as a start or recoiling) <winced in pain>. blench implies fainthearted flinching <stood their ground without blenching>. quail suggests shrinking and cowering in fear <quailed before the apparition>.

Rhymes with WINCE

WINCING Defined for Kids


verb \ˈwins\

Definition of WINCE for Kids

:  to draw back (as from pain)


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