\wəlt, ˈwilt\

Definition of WILT

archaic present 2d singular of will


verb \ˈwilt\

of a plant : to bend over because of not having enough water

: to become weak and tired especially because of hot weather

: to lose energy, confidence, effectiveness, etc.

Full Definition of WILT

intransitive verb
a :  to lose turgor from lack of water <the plants wilted in the heat>
b :  to become limp
:  to grow weak or faint :  languish
transitive verb
:  to cause to wilt

Examples of WILT

  1. The hot weather wilted the plants.
  2. The crowd wilted in the heat.
  3. He wilted under the pressure.

Origin of WILT

alteration of earlier welk, from Middle English welken, probably from Middle Dutch; akin to Old High German erwelkēn to wilt
First Known Use: circa 1691

Rhymes with WILT


noun \ˈwilt\

Definition of WILT

:  an act or instance of wilting :  the state of being wilted
a :  a disorder (as a fungus disease) of plants marked by loss of turgidity in soft tissues with subsequent drooping and often shriveling —called also wilt disease
b :  polyhedrosis of caterpillars

First Known Use of WILT



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