noun \ˈwi-jən\
plural wigeon or wigeons or widgeon or widgeons

Definition of WIGEON

:  any of several freshwater ducks (genus Anas): as
a :  an Old World duck (Anas penelope) having a large white patch on each wing with the male having a reddish-brown head and buff crown
b :  american wigeon

Variants of WIGEON

wi·geon or wid·geon \ˈwi-jən\

Origin of WIGEON

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1513

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of four species of dabbling ducks, popular game and food birds. The male European wigeon (Anas penelope) has a reddish head, cream forehead, and gray back. The male American wigeon, or baldpate (A. americana), has a white crown, green eye stripe, and brown back. Baldpates often graze on young grasses. The Cape wigeon (A. capensis) of Africa is a nocturnal feeder.

Variants of WIGEON

wigeon or widgeon


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